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Spatial Computing

Ever since Apple and Meta launched their Spatial Computing devices (Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3), a new era of virtual content for the most innovative brands has begun.

A new wave where the real world merges with the virtual in perfect sync, opening up endless possibilities for creating physical-virtual experiences at marketing events, museums, shopping venues, leisure spots, and also Apps that coexist with your home or workplace—the new Spatial Apps that will be reaching stores worldwide.

Spatial Apps

We develop this new type of applications that adapt to the real world using floating screens or 3D elements. The future of Apps.

A virtual desktop with augmented reality follows you anywhere, offering customization, collaboration, security, and efficient task management for a flexible and immersive work experience.

Spatial Experiences

Physical spaces like museums, stores, leisure places, or events can now have a virtual experiential layer that coexists with them on a large scale.

Spatial Experiences

Soon we will announce the first brands we are working with that are already betting on being part of the great virtual wave of Spatial Computing.

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Spatial Games

Our game lab generates all the R&D needed for projects with the most innovative brands, coming soon to Stores.

Our first Spatial Game for Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 turns your room into a 70s-style thief adventure.

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10 Years of Experience in XR Creation

We carry out complete Spatial Computing projects from concept, design, and programming. We create a dream team exclusively for each client.


Over 250 projects for more than 90 innovative brands

Más de 250 proyectos para más de 90 marcas innovadoras

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